Systemic cover-up: New book profiles radiation risks and scientists


The Scientists Who Alerted us to Radiation’s Dangers by Ian Fairlie, PhD and Beyond Nuclear’s Cindy Folkers, MS, has just been published by The Ethics Press.

The book profiles 23 radiation scientists over the previous half-century or so, who revealed that radiation risks were higher than thought, but who were victimized by governments and the nuclear establishments for doing so.

What this book reveals is that the harmful effects of radiation exposure especially from the nuclear sector, and especially to children, are more pervasive and worse than thought. These have been known for decades but suppressed by politically-motivated censorship and overt disparagement/persecution.

A big problem is the exclusion of independent voices and members of the public. The hegemony of the nuclear elite, backed by their governments, has kept radiation’s dangers an “inside game”, leaving the public in the dark and thereby violating their human rights, especially the rights of the child.

“It’s a timely and rewarding book. It’s timely because several governments are pushing hard for more public exposures to radiation via nuclear power. And it’s rewarding as it explains radiation in easy-to-grasp language which clarifies its dangers and risks. Anyone who has ever wondered about radiation or its first cousin, radioactivity, should read it.”

In addition to the profiles of radiation scientists, the book includes hundreds of references, 14 scientific Appendices, 5 Annexes, a glossary and an extensive bibliography.

“This galaxy of information will serve to help activists and students counter the misrepresentations, incorrect assertions, and plain untruths about radiation often disseminated by the nuclear establishments on both sides of the Atlantic.

It will also serve as a useful up-to-date reference book for academics on the dangers and risks of radiation and radioactivity.”

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