Our letter in the Boston Globe


After Ernest Moniz and Armond Cohen, in an oped in the Boston Globe, suggested they knew what the world wants is more nuclear power, the paper published our letter to the editor. As it’s behind a paywall, you can see a PDF here.

We pointed out that the writers’ aspirations were detached from reality, given the collapse of NuScale (whose proposed SMR is pictured here by Oregon State University). Even NuScale’s own CEO called their small modular reactor project a “dead horse”.

We noted that “Beating the nuclear dead horse has been going on for decades. Yet it remains by far the slowest and most expensive way to generate electricity, wasting precious time and money. This makes nuclear power entirely unsuitable for addressing a climate crisis that is upon us now.”

We added that changing the regulatory framework, as the authors suggest, “is a smokescreen for weakening safety margins to speed up production and reduce costs. What the world wants and needs is fast, affordable, and safer renewable energy, not another Chernobyl.”


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