Beyond Nuclear v. NRC, Deferred Joint Appendix published

Halt Holtec AFES tee shirt
[Tee shirt graphic design by Noel Marquez, co-founder of Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES) in southeastern New Mexico]
Second Highest Court in the Land
Our federal appeal against Holtec’s high-level radioactive waste consolidated interim storage facility (CISF) targeting New Mexico is coming to a head, after many long years. On January 16, the Deferred Appendix, a very long, detailed compilation of cited documents and laws, was due to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. On January 23, Final Briefs are also due. Our environmental coalition has actively opposed these illegal CISFs — not only Holtec’s in New Mexico, but also Interim Storage Partners’ at Waste Control Specialists in Texas — since 2016. Actually, much longer — we resisted the entire notion of CISFs at the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future (2010-12). And, we resisted Private Fuel Storage at Skull Valley Goshutes in Utah (late 1980s to present).
After the Final Briefs are submitted on January 23, the three-judge panel may choose to schedule oral arguments.

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