A map of our nuclear nightmare


Nuclear power and nuclear weapons are inextricably linked, and that link began when the first gram of uranium ore was removed from the earth. Contrary to Indigenous beliefs, which insist that uranium ore must be left in the ground, the very people who cautioned against digging it up were forced to do this very work.

Inevitably, those same people have borne the burden of the terrible health consequences of our uranium error. And that pathway of destruction continues all along the uranium fuel chain. It is a veritable map of our nuclear folly.

The Uranium Atlas delivers that map — in graphic and global form — telling the stories of harm at every phase of the uranium fuel chain and wherever it is found across the world. Whether to fuel nuclear power plants or manufacture nuclear weapons, the consequences for those exposed at every stage remain the same.

The English language version of the Uranium Atlas, which you can download free here, followed on the huge success of the German edition, which has now been updated. The Uranium Atlas is also available in French and Czech and a Spanish edition is in the works. An Italian edition was presented to Pope Francis, but is available currently in hard copy and not yet accessible online.

We encourage you to download a copy or order your English language hard copies from Beyond Nuclear today. Email [email protected] or [email protected] to request hard copies. We do not charge for them but accept donations to cover costs. More

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