Weaponizing uranium: Join the webinar

Inspired by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War’s (IPPNW) Mombasa World Congress, please join the US affiliate, Physicians for Social Responsibility, on Wednesday, August 23rd to discuss the legacy of uranium and the ways it has been weaponized to cause disproportionate and irreparable harm to Black, brown and Indigenous communities around the world. The international lineup of speakers includes: Shampa Biswas, Alicia Inzez Guzmán, Arieann Harrison, Makoma Lekalakala, and Mitchie Takeuchi (director of The Vow from Hiroshima, pictured). The focus will be on neocolonialism, narrative setting and racial inequity in the nuclear enterprise. Uranium mines and radioactive waste dumps in particular are invariably targeted at Indigenous communities or low-income communities of color around the world.

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