WATER IS LIFE! Protectors speak out against Holtec

Yard signs created by Michigan Safe Energy Future's Kalamazoo Chapter and Shutdown Palisades Campaign.
At the Palisades [Decommissioning] Community Advisory Panel on April 13, Beyond Nuclear delivered comments, regarding Holtec’s threat to target one or more so-called Small Modular Reactors at the site on the Lake Michigan shore in Covert, Michigan. We also commented on PCAP’s economic analysis. We were joined by allies from Michigan Safe Energy Future, Don’t Waste Michigan, and local residents. We voiced concerns about the risk of a catastrophic zirconium fire in the high-level radioactive waste storage pool, degradation of three-decade old dry casks, and threats of contamination reaching Lake Michigan from directly dumping radioactive wastewater into — and barging radioactive waste on the surface of — the drinking water supply for 40 million people downstream.

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