Watch Tritium Truths: Facts vs. Deceptions


Given the plans to dump tritium into Cape Cod Bay from Pilgrim, the dumping of tritium from Indian Point into the Hudson, the history of batch releases and leaks from Braidwood, the proposed release from Los Alamos, and the plan to dump the Fukushima tritiated water into the Pacific, we have put together a short video. In Tritium Truths: Facts vs. Deceptions, Beyond Nuclear’s Radiation and Health Hazard Specialist, Cindy Folkers, debunks the favorite industry talking points trotted out when industry wants to make releasing tritium to the environment seem alright.

Is tritium’s radiation benign?

Is tritium’s radiation the same as eating bananas?

Does tritium dissipate to insignificance in the environment?

SPOILER ALERT: The answer to all three is no.

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