Radiate the Truth: Informational tools on uranium, health

Body Map uranium

A new video and infographics series, Radiate the Truth, that details the history and impacts of uranium on the body and the environment, premiered December 7. Radiate the Truth delivers short, accessible educational videos and infographics to teach about the history and effects of uranium on the body and the environment. The series will be available in Dineh (Navajo) and English.

Radiate the Truth is a collaborative initiative of McKinley Collaborative for Health Equity, a project of New Mexico Social Justice & Equity Institute (NMSJEI), Beyond Nuclear, and Gender + Radiation Impact Project.

For more information, see the following:

Media advisory

Health Effects by Organ Infographic

Infographic by Radioactive Elements

Health Effects by Radioactive Elements in Dineh and English


Uranium Body Map video (English)



Uranium Mining Map video (English)



For further background information see:

Navajo Nation Council ban on uranium mining

Uranium Atlas: Facts and Data about the Raw Material of the Atomic Age

This page will be updated as more translations become available.

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