This is why nuclear power is irrelevant

Hinkley C Nick Chipchase_WikiM

According to Construction News: “There is an increasing chance that the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project could take longer and cost more to complete than planned, it has emerged. In a presentation to investors to coincide with its first-quarter
results, client EDF said: ‘The risk of additional delays and budget overruns is increasing.'”

This simply serves to further highlight that Hinkley Point C, the twin EPR site in the UK, will have zero contribution to make to the climate crisis, and starting any other new nuclear projects today is utterly pointless.

How EDF’s investors tolerate any of this is a mystery.

Construction News further went on: “Its investor presentation said that around 46 per cent of the project’s total concrete had been poured, and 14 per cent of mechanical, electrical, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment had been manufactured. But both of these elements were behind schedule, it added.

“EDF declined to make any further comment on the prospect of increased costs and further delays. But earlier this year it emerged that the project could cost £32.7bn, up from the original £18bn that was expected in 2015. The latest estimated start date for energy generation was given as June 2027. It had previously been expected to become operational in 2025.”

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