Experts say nuclear power bad for climate crisis

June 2ndGraphic
A panel of leading independent experts concluded in a Congressional briefing (video) June 2, that attempts to use nuclear power to help curtail the climate crisis has failed, and current nuclear subsidies should, instead, go to renewables. In fact, continuing nuclear steals resources from real climate solutions. Further, shutting down current dangerous reactors doesn’t mean fossil fuels will replace them: “the simple answer is no, [closed nuclear reactors] won’t have to be replaced by fossil… [this is] [b]ecause of deployment of wind.” Experts included The Hon. Gregory Jaczko, former chair, U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission;  Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson, Stanford University Professor and author; and Dr. M. V. Ramana, Professor at the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs, University of British Columbia.

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