The fallout never ended


In the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Bob Alvarez has published a special report:

“Decades of nuclear weapons tests and other radioactive experiments injured or killed scientists, soldiers, and innocent bystanders. Many of them, and their relatives, have never been compensated, but new efforts may change that. A former Senate staffer and expert on the US nuclear program looks back at its harmful effects, and how the government addressed them—or didn’t.”

This report engages five areas:

  • Seeking justice under the Radiation Exposure  Compensation Act;
  • Human radiation experiments, and Oppenheimer;
  • the radiation effects of the Trinity” nuclear explosion.
  • The downfall of Lewis Strauss and the “worst radiological disaster in U.S. history”
  • terminating  the  “Safeguard  C” atmospheric nuclear Test readiness program

Photo credit: NASA Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons. Arrow and radiation trefoil indicate the Castle Bravo nuclear test crater.

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