“Risks of nuclear power cannot be controlled”

Inge Paulini

Dr. Inge Paulini, president of Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection (FORP), has come out with a clear and categorical statement about the risks of nuclear power as the European Commission continues to weigh consideration of the energy source under its “green” EU Taxonomy.

In a statement on the FORP website, Dr. Paulini said:

“The risks of nuclear power cannot be controlled. This was made abundantly clear by the accidents in Chernobyl and Fukushima. This is about not only the immediate health consequences of radiation exposure but also the long-term effects for the people and areas concerned. These disasters always have significant psychosocial and societal impacts – for example, through loss of home or torn families. This, in turn, causes great pain and high costs.”

She added:

“All this must be taken into account when we talk about intergenerational justice in the context of climate protection. The fact is: Nuclear power is not a quick solution to the energy and climate problem.”

She noted that even as Germany phases out the last of its nuclear power plants, her office remains prepared for a potential radiological disaster.

“Radioactivity doesn’t stop at borders,” she said.  “If there is ever another nuclear accident within Europe, it could also have an impact on Germany.” More

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