RECA REMINDER: Expand the Act!

trinity explosion

Your urgent action is needed. Tell Congress to expand and extend the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). Extending RECA is necessary before the program sunsets, June 7 of this year. Expanded RECA would add New Mexico downwinders and post-1971 uranium miners/workers to the fund for the first time along with other states/territories including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Guam. RECA already passed overwhelmingly as part of Senate Bill S.3853. Call Speaker of the House Mike Johnson at 202-225-2777 and ask him to schedule a vote immediately. Also, urge House Speaker Mike Johnson to allow the vote on the House floor, on the Hawley version of RECA (the most expansive). There is likely enough support to pass the bill. Find your member of Congress here and tell them also to expand and extend RECA.

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