Oral argument re: ISP CISF federal appeal scheduled for Nov. 10 in D.C. Circuit


The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has scheduled oral argument in the federal appeal Don’t Waste Michigan, et al., versus U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, re: Interim Storage Partners, LLC’s highly radioactive waste consolidated interim storage facility targeted at the Waste Control Specialists, LLC’s national “low-level” radioactive waste dump in Andrews County, Texas. See the court’s scheduling order, here:

2022.09.15 Order re oral argument Nov 10

Don’t Waste Michigan, et al., is a seven-group and one-individual national grassroots environmental coalition* opposed to ISP’s CISF. Don’t Waste MI, et al.’s legal counsel is Terry Lodge of Toledo, OH.

Other opponents to ISP’s CISF engaged in the federal appeal include Beyond Nuclear (Diane Curran of Washington, D.C., and Mindy Goldstein of Atlanta, GA serve as legal counsel), Sierra Club (Wally Taylor of Cedar Rapids, IA serves as legal counsel), Fasken Land and Minerals, Ltd., and Permian Basin Land and Royalty Owners (the latter two parties are represented by attorney Monica Perales of Fasken in Midland, Texas, as well as the law firm Kanner and Whiteley of New Orleans, Louisiana).

*The other six groups, and one individual, in the coalition include: Citizens’ Environmental Coalition of NY; Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination of MI; Nuclear Energy Information Service of IL; Public Citizen, Inc. of Washington, D.C. and TX; San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace of CA; Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition of TX; and Leona Morgan of NM.

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