“Events at Palisades,” 1966-2021, compiled by David Lochbaum


David Lochbaum, retired Nuclear Safety Project director at Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), has compiled the following list of events at the Palisades atomic reactor in Covert, Michigan, near South Haven on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The first listed event is dated January 28, 1966. The last listed event is dated July 31, 2021. Note that control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) seal failures — a chronic problem that has plagued Palisades since 1972 — are highlighted in yellow.

(While still serving at UCS, on July 16, 2010, Lochbaum published a report about CRDM seal failures at Palisades up to that point.)

See the listing of events, posted here:

Events at Reactor Sites - Palisades History

Note that CRDM seal failures continued at Palisades after July 31, 2021. As documented in Entergy’s press release dated May 20, 2022, Palisades was closed for good, 11 days earlier than scheduled, due to its latest CRDM seal failure.

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