Obscene spending on nuclear weapons

ICAN weapons spending

The United States spent $43.7 billion on its nuclear weapons program in 2022, according to the new ICAN Report — Wasted: 2022 Global Nuclear Weapons Spending. That’s $83,143 a minute and more than all of the other nuclear armed states combined. The next highest spender was China at $11.7 billion followed by Russia at $9.6 billion. Northrup Grumman topped the list of corporations reporting the highest nuclear weapons income, followed by Honeywell International. Wrote ICAN: “The nine nuclear-armed states may have wasted $157,644 a minute on nuclear weapons in 2022, but no matter how much they spend, their nuclear weapons remain tools of terror and intimidation propped up by a mythical tale of deterrence that is rapidly unravelling.”

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