Nuclear not any cheaper, faster or safer

Workers pour the basement for the Unit 3 reactor under construction at the V.C. Summer site near Columbia, S.C. (Nov. 4, 2013)

From an article published on Nasdaq:

“Nuclear energy takes many years to develop. The median construction time of the nuclear reactors in operation in 2020 was seven years, and the industry has a terrible track record of cost overruns. An MIT team estimated that over five decades of nuclear plant development across 107 plants in the U.S., the average final cost of each plant was three times higher than the original budget. The next nuclear power plant to become operational in the U.S. says it all: Plant Vogtle, (pictured) being built in Georgia, is now estimated to cost over $34 billion. When approved back in 2012 the additional two reactors (of 1,113 MW each) were estimated to cost $14 billion. The new reactors are scheduled to start operation in 2023 at a cost of $15.3 million per MW.

“In stark contrast, BloombergNEF predicts solar modules will reach $250,000 per MW by the end of the year.”

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