French anti-nuclear movement relaunches


In the face of nuclear threats on multiple fronts — nuclear power and nuclear weapons expansion, reactor license extensions, radioactive waste dumps and fuel pool expansion at La Hague to name a few — the French anti-nuclear movement relaunched last Saturday during a packed meeting in Paris.

The new name for the movement is La Coordination Anti-Nucléaire, and it will confront both nuclear power and nuclear weapons programs in France. Beyond Nuclear took part in the June 3rd strategy meeting and in a rally at the Place de la République. A press release (in French) was issued outlining the call to action. A number of events are planned in the coming months including a day of simultaneous actions around the country.

In addition to promoting the EPR-2, despite the catastrophic financial and technical failures of the first EPR, the Macron government is also pushing small modular reactors.

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