Fossil to fission? The latest step backward on climate

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This week on Beyond Nuclear International, we look at the latest bad scheme from the US Department of Energy — and one that we, the taxpayers will have to pay for. It’s called Coal to Nuclear — or C2N — and aims to convert closed coal power plants into “new” nuclear power plants (most likely the phantom and far away small modular reactors).

C2N confirms our existing fears that energy leadership in this country is either blind and deaf to the reality of the climate emergency, or completely captured by the powerful energy lobbies of yesterday. Mired in outdated thinking, they cling to failed and foolish energy plans that have long been supplanted by demonstrably better, faster, cheaper, safer and more workable options, ergo renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation.(Headline photo of the now decommissioned Bruce Mansfield Power Plant on the Ohio River in Beaver County, Pennsylvania by Drums600/Wikimedia Commons.)

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