First we bombed New Mexico: A new film

First we bombed New Mexico

From the promo: First We Bombed New Mexico is the untold story of Trinity, the world’s first nuclear bomb detonated in New Mexico one month before the bombing of Hiroshima.

It is a story of government betrayal with tragic consequences.

Thousands of New Mexicans – mostly Hispanic and Native American – were exposed to catastrophic levels of radioactive fallout, never warned, never acknowledged and never helped afterwards. Generations of cancers followed.

Latina businesswoman and cancer survivor, Tina Cordova ignites a grassroots movement in New Mexico and demands justice exposing what the Government knew and covered up with an indifference to the poisoning of its own citizens.

This documentary is witness to the people’s narrative for voices not heard.

Screenings and more can be found at the website.

This matters now because Congress has until June 2024 to expand legislation to this and other communities, giving them compensation for harm. This compensation has already been given to other downwinders.

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