Beyond Nuclear versus HALEU


Beyond Nuclear has joined with the Ohio Nuclear-Free Network in a legal challenge against High-Assay Low Enriched Uranium targeted at the Piketon/Portsmouth, Ohio U.S. Department of Energy complex site. See the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s recent filing 4 27 22 HALEU NRC brief. See the company Centrus’s recent filing 5 4 22 HALEU Centrus amicus brief. And see Beyond Nuclear and ONFN’s May 25, 2022 filing 5 25 22 HALEU BN Reply Brief ONFN as filed. Top concerns include the nuclear weapons proliferation risks of using nuclear fuel in reactors enriched to nearly 20% U-235 content, which borders on weapons-grade, as well as worsening the already very bad radioactive and toxic chemical contamination of the Portsmouth site. The two anti-nuclear organizations are represented by co-counsel, Wally Taylor of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Terry Lodge of Toledo, Ohio.

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