Activist to be jailed for peaceful protest

Marion Kuepker & John LaForgeNuclearResister

This week on Nuclear Hotseat, host Libbe HaLevy talks to longtime anti-nuclear activist, John LaForge, co-director of Nukewatch, a Wisconsin-based environmental and peace action group, dedicated to the abolition of nuclear power, weapons and continued radioactive waste production.

John was arrested in Germany twice in 2020 after he participated in peaceful protests at the Büchel Air Force Base to bring attention to U.S. nuclear bombs stockpiled there. After trials in which his most compelling defense information – international treaty laws as they relate to nuclear weapons – was not allowed, he had a choice between paying a modest (for Americans) fine or serving prison time. He chose prison.

And, on this week’s Hot Story, after repeated invitations by email to contribute her “expertise in the space” to a conference promoting small modular reactors, Beyond Nuclear’s Linda Pentz Gunter decided to write back and tell them what she would say. (Photo of Marion Kuepker and John LaForge, courtesy The Nuclear Resister)


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