Children exposed. Our in-depth look

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A peer-reviewed article by Cindy Folkers and Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear, has been published in the British Medical Journal, Pediatrics Open.

The article looks at how past and present regulations on radioactivity released from the nuclear power sector have never taken into account those potentially most sensitive—women, pregnant women and especially children. Children in frontline and Indigenous communities can be disproportionately harmed due to often increased sensitivity of developing systems to toxic exposures, the lack of resources and racial and class discrimination.

In an exploration of the studies, we found a notable lack of in-depth, independent research looking specifically at children as well as the wider population in Indigenous or minority communities. Uncertainties caused by this lack of study are used by officials to underprotect those most at risk.

The article reviews health outcomes to children throughout the nuclear fuel chain, from uranium mining, to electricity generation, routine and catastrophic releases of radioactivity, and waste production. It is clear that more studies are needed, and that the evidence found within communities by those on the ground should be attributed value and must be followed up by further research as well as adequate health care and on-going protection.

The article is in the commons and not behind a paywall. Feel free to read and circulate it.


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