Tritium dump dangers

Ian Fairlie Claudio Knusli

The planned radioactive water releases at Fukushima in Japan and Pilgrim nuclear reactor at Cape Cod in Massachusetts are the subjects of this week’s Nuclear Hotseat interview by host Libbe HaLevy (right) with Dr. Ian Fairlie. Fairlie is a London-based radiation biologist and independent consultant on radioactivity in the environment.  After receiving a degree in radiation biology from Bart’s Hospital in London and doctoral studies at Imperial College in London and Princeton University in the US, he became concerned about the radiological hazards of nuclear fuel reprocessing. He worked as a civil servant on the regulation of radiation risks from nuclear power stations. From 2000 to 2004, Dr. Fairlie was head of the Secretariat of the UK Government’s CERRIE Committee on internal radiation risks. Since retiring from Government service, he has been a consultant on radiation matters to the European Parliament, local and regional governments, environmental NGOs, and private individuals, with a focus on the radiation doses and risks arising from the radioactive releases at nuclear facilities.  He is an expert on tritium radiation. More on radiation by Dr. Fairlie. And how does radiation affect us after a nuclear accident — by Beyond Nuclear’s Cindy Folkers and Dr. Fairlie.

This week’s Hot Story, reported by Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear asks the question:  Why in the world would Ukraine, in the middle of a war that threatens its existing nuclear reactors, plan on building more? And why would they choose Westinghouse to do it — a bankrupt company with a lamentable track record of delays and cost overruns?
Headline photo, left to right: Ian Fairlie, Malte Andre, Claudio Knüsli. By Reinhold Thiel /IPPNW

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