ZOMBIE reactor to re-apply for billion dollar bailout


Holtec has pulled yet another bait and switch. On December 19, it announced its second attempt at a billion dollar, or more, bailout to restart the Palisades reactor on Lake Michigan’s shore in southwest Michigan (pictured). Palisades was closed for good May 20 by previous owner Entergy, and its operating license relinquished in mid-June. Holtec took ownership June 28, supposedly for decommissioning, its sole stated purpose since 2020. But instead Holtec applied to the Department of Energy for a Civil Nuclear Credit program bailout on July 5. On September 23, an environmental coalition warned the Energy Secretary a closed reactor is ineligible. On November 18, Holtec announced DOE had rejected its application, assuring its return to decommissioning. Not so, it appears!

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