The terrible toll of A-bomb tests

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This week on Nuclear Hotseat, host Libbe HaLevy looks into the terrible toll taken on the people of French Polynesia from the French atomic tests there. She interviewed Dennis Riches who, after the meltdowns at Fukushima-Daiichi in 2011 began writing a blog about nuclear issues. In 2018, several of the blog posts were published as a free book (print or pdf) entitled: Sayonara Nukes: The Case for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy. He covers a-bomb testing, France’s environmental racism in Polynesia, and the lack of reparations for the damage to the Polynesian people and their homelands.

And from an earlier show, HaLevy replays an interview with Kevin Hester, a New Zealander who in the early 1980s became involved in that country’s environmental movement. He talked to HaLevy about witnessing the aftermath of the French bombing that destroyed the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior.

And HaLevy gets an update on the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s approval of Holtec’s proposed “interim” radioactive waste storage facililty in New Mexico, from Beyond Nuclear’s Kevin Kamps.

On this week’s Hot Story, Beyond Nuclear’s Linda Pentz Gunter calls out the phony propaganda war that is saturating the media right now, planting falsehoods about the alleged benefits of nuclear power, and condemns film director, Oliver Stone, for joining the chorus of untruths.


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