Solar survival during Hurricane Ian

Babcock Ranch

While the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ian in Florida last week lost power, water and communications connections, one community gave us the perfect demonstration of resiliency and survival. Babcock Ranch, located just 12 miles northeast of the now devastated city of Ft. Myers, is a town powered 100% by solar energy. Its 700,000 solar panels (pictured) kept the lights on throughout the flooding and destructive winds.

Of course, if a nuclear plant had been in the path of Ian, it would have had to shut down for safety reasons. But Babcock Ranch, the brainchild and initiative of former NFLer, Syd Kitson, modeled the right way forward — locally-generated power not dependent on large inflexible thermo-electric generators and vulnerable, unreliable grids. (Photo by Babcock Ranch)


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