Plutonium time bomb: A shocking exposé on Sellafield

Industrial Pollution and Sellafield Nuclear Reprocessing Plant in Cumbria in North West England.  (Digital composite image)

The UK daily newspaper, The Guardian, has been running a year-long investigation into that country’s Sellafield nuclear reprocessing and waste site with some shocking revelations. These include that the facility, home to the largest stockpile of plutonium on Earth, has been hacked by cyber groups closely linked to Russia and China, something the UK government denies. It is also dangerously outdated and degraded, with a toxic workplace culture that “risks compromising the safety of Europe’s most hazardous nuclear site.” The bullying and harassment at Sellafield first came to light through the courageous whistleblowing of former Sellafield human resources contractor, Alison McDermott, who, in this interview, relates the horrendous abuse she subsequently suffered after she took Sellafield to court.

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