Piling on the truth


The nuclear power industry and its boosters have mounted a saturation campaign to convince lawmakers, media and the public that both currently operating nuclear power plants, and new so-called advanced ones, play an essential role in mitigating the climate crisis. Neither case is true, but those of us holding the facts don’t have the same level of resources to launch our own tidal wave.

That said, we have not been doing too badly lately. Beyond Nuclear’s Linda Pentz Gunter, and Nuclear Information & Resource Service executive director, Tim Judson, published an OpEd in The Hill on December 21, targeted at lawmakers and urging against subsidies for either current or new reactors.

Amory Lovins — whose work is featured in our first Talking Points — scored a double hit with an excellent analysis in Bloomberg Law — Why nuclear power is bad for your wallet and the climate — and a joint column at Yale 360 with M.V. Ramana — Three myths about renewable energy and the grid, debunked.

Mark Jacobson was featured on CNBC explaining how the “US can get to 100% clean energy with wind, water, solar and zero nuclear”.

And finally, Andrew Cockburn bursts numerous nuclear bubbles in his latest article in Harper’s Magazine — Spent Fuel: the risky resurgence of nuclear power.

(Headline photo: Michael Stokes/CreativeCommons)

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