Pacific overtures


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has given its blessing to Japan to start the release of more than a million tonnes of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean. On this week’s Nuclear Hotseat, Linda Pentz Gunter’s Hot Story looks at how the IAEA’s conflict of interest — it is at once a watchdog and a nuclear promoter — makes it the wrong agency to make this decision. While some Pacific nations have objected to the water dump, filmmaker Philippe Carillo told Libbe HaLevy on this week’s Nuclear Hotseat how Japan has made overtures to journalists and politicians in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu (where Carillo lives) to keep them on side regarding the radioactive water release. And marine biologist, Tim Deere-Jones, wonders about a possible whistleblower memo, as yet unauthenticated, that suggests an IAEA suppression of information regarding its decision to green light the release. (Photo of Vanuatu by eGuide Travel)


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