Nuclear power relapse in Sweden?

Chornobyl ruined

Beyond Nuclear’s radioactive waste specialist, Kevin Kamps, was quoted in an October 11 E&E News article, ‘Open for business’: Sweden turns to U.S. for nuclear reactors; Sweden’s deputy prime minister recently visited Washington to “go nuclear power plant shopping” and pitch regulatory collaboration to U.S. officials. “Has she forgotten about Chornobyl? (pictured) It took living under the Chornobyl cloud and all that fear and terror for Germany to get it, so they became anti-nuclear after that. I wish that other politicians in other countries had that much common sense. If Sweden is looking to NRC, DOE, and even the U.S. nuclear industry as some kind of gold standard, they may have a very rude awakening. All NRC does is weaken regulations to accommodate continued operations.”

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