Nuclear power hurts people

Irene Dehiya, Mariano Lake, NM

“The thing is that nuclear power happens to people. And what happens to them is, a lot of the time, a crime. It’s a crime against race, against justice, against the environment, against animals. It’s a crime against humanity. But it’s almost never looked at through that frame. Today, when people see nuclear power on their electric bill, they don’t know who really paid before they switched their lights on.”

On April 28, 2022, Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear made a presentation for Nuclear Energy Information Service’s online event, Night With The Experts. Her talk centered on messaging around the humanitarian impacts of nuclear power. It emphasized the importance of putting faces to the story and why it is important to remind audiences who nuclear power hurts the most and why its use should be phased out. Watch the presentation.

(Photo: Navajo elder, by Irene Dehiya, Mariano Lake, NM/Wikimedia Commons)

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