Nuclear pays out again to ripped off ratepayers

VC Summer construction_NRC

You would think that being the slowest, most expensive and most dangerous energy choice out there, nuclear power would not be at the top of anyone’s list as an option with which to address the climate crisis.

Then add the current industry track record and nuclear power ought to be dismissed outright without further consideration.

And yet the US, as well as the UK, France and others, are talking about building new nuclear power plants. Incredibly, Westinghouse, which went bankrupt thanks to its AP 1000 misadventures in South Carolina and Georgia, is still in the running — most recently in the UK.

Perhaps the UK government should consider that just last month a South Carolina judge approved a second multi-million dollar payout to customers after the utility embroiled in construction of two Westinghouse reactors at the V.C. Summer site (pictured) failed to deliver the project while ripping off ratepayers and lying about progress. 

Four utility executives have either been indicted or have pled guilty to criminal charges over the V.C. Summer fiasco.

Around $61 million will be awarded 1.1 million customers who also shared a $60 million award in 2019 as a result of a class action lawsuit.

This doesn’t seem like a strong business selling-point for nuclear power.

Meanwhile, the other Westinghouse project — the Vogtle 3 and 4 reactors still under construction and way behind schedule in Georgia — just saw that budget balloon from its original estimate of $13.5 billion to $34 billion and counting with further delays announced. 

Where will it end? Only with the rejection of nuclear power as a viable 21st century energy source.

(Photo of V.C. Summer under construction — but never completed — by U.S. NRC)

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