NEIS ACTION ALERT – IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED! Uphold Governor Pritzker’s veto on SB76, in order to preserve Illinois’s decades-long moratorium against new atomic reactors

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Please see below. If you reside in Illinois, please take direct action. If you don’t live in Illinois, please forward this action alert on to anyone and everyone you know who resides in Illinois, urging them to take action and to also spread the word. As you will see in a note from Nuclear Energy Info. Srv. director Dave Kraft, below, the highest priority today is the Illinois State Senate, but the Illinois State House of Representatives will be back in play too on November 7 to 9. Illinois residents contacting their State Senator and State Representative “early and often” is critical for the next couple weeks!
—Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear
Note from Dave Kraft, last night (Wednesday, October 25, 2023):
Our House took no votes today, and won’t meet tomorrow, meaning that we have 2 more weeks before the Nov. 7-9 session.  The Senate WILL be in session Thursday; not sure if they will vote on the veto override, so it would be very helpful to encourage people to call in starting ASAP, through Nov. 9.
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From: David Kraft <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Oct 24, 2023 at 12:22 PM
Subject: NEIS ACTION ALERT – IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED! — uphold Governor Pritzker’s veto on SB76
To: David Kraft <[email protected]>
Greetings —
A reminder — the Fall legislative session begins TODAY!  Don’t delay on this please!
–Dave Kraft, NEIS–



Urge Legislators to uphold Governor Pritzker’s veto on SB76


Oppose SB2591 if it is introduced

Greetings All –

The Fall Legislative Veto Session begins this week Tuesday.  Sessions run from Oct. 24-27; and Nov. 7-9.  The Legislature will be voting on legislation that could result in more new nuclear reactors in Illinois and thwart the renewable energy goals of CEJA [Climate and Equitable Jobs Act] – unless you stop them!

The Legislature may attempt to override Gov. Pritzker’s veto of SB76, a bill proposed by pro-nuclear forces to repeal Illinois’ nuclear construction moratorium, and promote building new “small modular nuclear reactors” (SMNRs) or “advanced” reactors – in Illinois.

As an “insurance” policy, in case the veto-override fails, Sen. Sue Rezin (R.38) has introduced SB2591, a bill identical to her failed pro-nuclear legislation in the Spring, that explicitly calls for the State to promote SMNRs.

Safe-energy and environmental activists need to contact their legislators, and call on them to oppose both of these renewables-killing plans.


1.)   Contact your state Senator and Rep  ASAP, urging him/her to 1.) vote against the SB76 veto repeal, and 2.) oppose SB2591 if and when it comes up.  Find yours and get contact info by clicking this link, and following the instructions.  Be polite, but assertive:  Let them know that Illinois energy future extremely important  to you, that you don’t want nuclear to be a part of it.

2.)   Deluge Governor Pritzker’s Comments page on his website, letting him know that you do not want more nuclear plants in Illinois’ energy future; and to support renewables, efficiency, energy storage and improved transmission instead.

3.)   Download the petition, get it filled out, and return to NEIS ASAP, either by mail, or scanned e-mail.  We need the results for a press event we will schedule.

4.)    Write short letters to the editors and leave comments on articles you see about SMNRs TODAY:  Contact your local papers, and put in a short, 2-3 line let-ed in opposition to more reactors and radioactive waste in Illinois. (use background materials from previous Action Alerts, and here as you need to).

Thanks in advance for your efforts.  We can win this one, but only if we are as relentless as the nuclear industry.

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