Dubai COP28 Live Stream, 2:30 PM ET,12/01/2023

Photo from Fire Drill Fridays, Climate Crisis 2019, Wash DC

Samuel Lawrence Foundation’s First Friday / Live Stream from Dubai 28th Conference of Parties (COP28)

December 01, 2023, 2:30 PM EST/ 11:30 AM PST


Scandals continue to rock the United Nation’s 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) on climate crisis with the exposure of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  plot  to use its host nation status to spur on its global oil and gas deals. Meanwhile,  President Biden’s Special Climate Envoy John Kerry still plans to lead the mission of a united nuclear industry delegation to triple atomic power generating capacity by 2050 by bamboozling the World Bank into reversing its decades old  refusal to squander its energy policy lending practice to scale up splitting atoms. “We don’t do nuclear energy,” must remain the World Bank lending motto and the global model.

But despite the fossil and fissile industries domination of the COP28 registration roles in one of the world’s many capitals of the oil industry, renewable energy is forging ahead as the top contender and demonstrating to be the reality-based candidate to address global warming now projected to at least triple wind and solar power generating capacity by 2030.

Of interest, BloombergNEF published a report November 21, 2023 on its research in  “Tripling Global Renewables by 2030: Hard, Fast and Achievable.” The report forecasts that the renewable energy goal will take center stage for international agreement at this year’s United Nations climate summit.  According to Bloomberg, solar power is already on track  to at least triple by 2030 but wind power is more complicated but still achievable with government and industry cooperation. Their findings indicate that dramatically accelerated renewable deployment is critical, indeed essential, to net zero reductions by 2050. Beyond Nuclear  would add that, in fact, nuclear power’s contribution is more of a colossal diversion of resources and time which in the long run is dangerously  counterproductive to effective climate crisis abatement.

While nuclear energy will certainly be more prominently featured in Dubai than at any previous COP summit, it will not be comparable to renewables. In fact, nuclear power promoters are likely to find it increasingly difficult to even make it onto the main stage given the recurring and costly false startups that now extend into its flagship new reactor designs. The most recently fiasco that will be tagging along with US Special Climate Envoy Kerry’s new reactor sales mission is the US  Department of Energy’s poster child for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, NuScale Power.  The collapse of its Utah Associated Municipal Power System (UAMPS) multi-western states deal for six units and NuScale’s promotion of reported sales of 24 of its small mirage reactors to an alleged “fake” reactor customer for suspect bitcoin mining operations in Pennsylvania and Ohio are now followed by its investments plummeting on the stock exchange and an onslaught of investor lawsuits focused on an alleged nuclear misinformation /disinformation campaign.

[Headline photo: Fire Drill Fridays, October 2019, Climate Crisis Action at The Capitol, Washington, DC]



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