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Nuclear Hotseat, hosted by Libbe HaLevy, is a weekly international news magazine, keeping you up to date on all things nuclear from a different perspective. Since 2011, the Nuclear Hotseat podcast has been listened to by audiences in more than 124 countries around the world. 

Tune in each week as Libbe talks with her guest — or multiple guests —about current events around nuclear power or nuclear weapons issues.

Unabashedly anti-nuclear, lively and compelling, HaLevy delivers verifiable, trusted and current  information, and talks to those best positioned to explain the complexities of nuclear stories, dig under the facile coverage of mainstream media and provide a more nuanced understanding of issues.

Nuclear Hotseat airs each week and now introduces a new segment, The Hot Story of the Week, a short commentary by Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear, who is also this week’s featured guest.

HaLevy is also the author of a memoir, Yes, I Glow In The Dark, about her experience being exposed by the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear disaster in Pennsylvania, where she happened to be visiting at the time of the meltdown.

The mission of Nuclear Hotseat is to support those groups and individuals that oppose nuclear in all its many forms with news, expert interviews, and an oppositional perspective on weapons, reactors, radioactive waste production, taxpayer bailouts to for-profit nuclear corporations, and all other aspects of the industry. More

Libbe HaLevy is pictured with the founder of the Uranium Film Festival, Norbert Suchanek.

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