Fukushima: The hidden disaster

Carillo film

Filmmaker Philippe Carillo busts the myths of nuclear reactor safety in a 52 minute film — Fukushima Disaster — The Hidden Side of the Story. Writes Libbe HaLevy, who interviewed Carillo for this week’s edition of Nuclear Hotseat, “the film is clear, easily understood, and devastatingly powerful. Philippe is a French citizen currently living in the Vanuatu archipelago. While living in Paris, he worked on several major documentary projects for the BBC, 20th Century Fox, and French National TV. He moved to Hollywood in 2003 and in 2013 made his first feature documentary, Inside the Garbage of the World. The film won 3 awards, was distributed worldwide, and inspired a wave of change regarding plastic pollution.

“Philippe moved to Vanuatu in 2017 and has since made more than100 short films in that country. In 2022, he decided to finish his feature documentary about Fukushima which was started in 2016.” HaLevy spoke to Carillo about FUKUSHIMA Disaster – The Hidden Side of the Story. (Rent the film here.)

And on Linda Pentz Gunter’s Hot Story, she wonders how French goats came to be involved in the fight to stop a new radioactive waste storage pool being built at the reprocessing site at La Hague. With the other four fuel pools full, this new project gives the lie to reprocessing as “recycling”, as the nuclear industry would have you believe.


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