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Small Modular Reactors are a mirage!

We have a match!

Thanks to a generous anonymous donor, Beyond Nuclear has been awarded a $5,000 matching grant for our work to block the development of small modular reactors (SMR). SMRs are an expensive mirage that will do nothing for the climate crisis.

If you make a donation today, your gift will be doubled! Please help us match this grant as soon as possible.

We must act fast. Congress is poised to award hundreds of millions and even billions of our tax dollars to develop SMRs. We need to convince lawmakers, the public and the media that SMRs are an expensive and dangerous waste of time and money. Your support will enable us to partner with leading experts in the field to adapt their work into essential handouts and talking points.

We know that SMRS, compared to today’s traditional large reactors, are just as dangerous, more expensive, would produce even more radioactive waste per unit of electricity generated, and would consume vast amounts of by then scarce water.

Now we need to convince our political leaders to stop carving out taxpayer funds for these futile phantoms.

We’ll be making drops on Capitol Hill, resourcing our grassroots members and allies with essential information, doing press outreach, writing — and helping you to write — letters to the editor and OpEds, and working to block SMR license applications through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Not all of this work is exciting. But all of it is essential!

Please help us double our grant today by making a donation to Beyond Nuclear. Thank you for your support.

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