Drowning in double-talk as Arctic ice melts

Artic Melt

From this week’s Nuclear Hotseat: Writes host, Libbe HaLevy: “Given the pro-nuclear double-talk at COP 27, which is drowning out the voices of actual informed activists, it’s important for us to understand the consequences of the climate catastrophe already in evidence around the world – and how much of it is created by nuclear contamination that the so-called “experts” would rather we not know.”

This week’s Nuclear Hotseat feature interview is with Tim Deere-Jones. He is a marine biologist, radiation researcher and consultant who specializes in analysis of the radiation threats to our planet’s waters from a wide range of nuclear sources. Here he provides a special report produced exclusively for Nuclear Hotseat on the Nuclear Arctic radiation dangers.  Tim has agreed to come on board with the show to provide regular updates on oceans, rivers, and other water sources being negatively impacted by nuclear radiation, so you’ll be hearing more from him in the coming months.

And on this week’s Hot Story with Beyond Nuclear’s Linda Pentz Gunter: The United States has used the occasion of the COP27 climate summit to announce new nuclear power deals, including one, incredibly, with Ukraine. The summit is also “awash” in fossil fuel representatives. None of this bodes well. (Photo: Arctic ice melt, Alaska summer/Jason Tomlinson, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.)


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