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Thanks to generous anonymous donors, Beyond Nuclear has been awarded $14,000 in matching funds for our legal work to block construction and operation of a high-level radioactive waste dump in Texas. The Interim Storage Partners consolidated interim storage facility is not consent-based and violates environmental justice. Our federal appeal could stop it dead in its tracks. You can help.

Please donate today and your gift will be doubled. (If you would rather send a check, please write “Stop the dump” in the subject line and mail it to Beyond Nuclear, 7304 Carroll Avenue, #182, Takoma Park, MD 20912.)

We must act fast. Our oral arguments at the second highest court in the land, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, will likely take place this autumn. Your support will enable us to pay our topnotch legal counsel, who have already been challenging this illegal scheme on our behalf for more than six years.

Far from temporary, this dump could become de facto permanent surface disposal, leaking catastrophic amounts of hazardous radioactivity directly into the environment over time.

Beyond Nuclear has long worked with a broad, diverse grassroots advocacy and environmental justice coalition across the country, resisting this reckless plan to transport thousands of high-risk irradiated nuclear fuel shipments, by truck, train, and barge, impacting most states. 

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