Cracking up

Penly aerial_RemyMathisWikiM

The struggling state-owned French energy company, EDF, is grappling with cracks found at the Penly-1 reactor. Reports RFI of EDF: “The group last month reported the latest “serious corrosion problem” on an emergency cooling system at its Penly 1 plant in northern France, one of 16 reactors taken offline in the past twelve months.” These latest corrosion problems “could have major financial repercussions for the debt-laden state-owned utility, as well as for France’s energy production capacity”, the article said.

The cracking at Penly comes on the heels of a terrible stretch for the unreliable French nuclear sector that has seen at least half its reactor fleet down at any one time. “EDF’s debt ballooned to €64.5 billion in 2022, while losses totalled €17.9 billion,” RFI also reported. (Aerial view of the Penly nuclear site by Remi Mathis/Wikimedia Commons)

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