ComEd Four found guilty

Crime scene

In March 2022, a federal grand jury in Chicago, Illinois indicted Democratic leader and former Illinois House Speaker, Mike Madigan and his long-time ally, former legislator and lobbyist, Michael McClain, on 22 counts in an alleged $3 million criminal enterprise that included racketeering conspiracy, attempted extortion, bribery and other charges.

Madigan is accused of leading efforts to persuade utility Commonwealth Edison, a subsidiary of the country’s biggest nuclear power plant owner, Exelon, to provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to himself and associates, as well as jobs to Madigan allies for work that was often never performed. In return, ComEd was assured of favorable legislation. Madigan faces trial on April 1, 2024.

McClain was tried separately along with three other alleged co-conspirators — former ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore, former ComEd lobbyist, John Hooker, and former head of the City Club of Chicago, Jay Doherty. On May 2, all four were found guilty on nine different counts of conspiracy, bribery and falsification of records.

In what could be read as an admission of wrongdoing, ComEd had in July 2020 cooperated with authorities and paid a $200 million fine, in a deferred prosecution deal.


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