Beyond Nuclear v. NRC

Halt Holtec AFES tee shirt

[Tee shirt design, above, by Noel Marquez, co-founder of Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES) in southeastern New Mexico.]

On January 22, 2024, Beyond Nuclear’s legal counsel, Diane Curran of Washington, D.C., and Mindy Goldstein of Atlanta, GA, filed our PETITIONER BEYOND NUCLEAR’S FINAL OPENING BRIEF, and REPLY BRIEF, in our federal appeal against the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, in the matter of Holtec International’s license for a high-level radioactive waste dump targeted at southeastern New Mexico.

Our first shot across NRC’s bow was in 2016.

But we had also objected to consolidated interim storage facilities in the first place, during the 2010-2012 Blue Ribbon Commission for America’s Nuclear Future.

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