Beyond Nuclear v. NRC: our day in court against Holtec’s CISF in NM!

Halt Holtec AFES tee shirt

[Tee shirt design, above, by Noel Marquez, co-founder of Alliance for Environmental Strategies (AFES), southeastern New Mexico.]

After many long, hard-fought years, Beyond Nuclear will finally get its day in court against the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) approval of the construction and operation license for the single largest high-level radioactive waste dump on Earth — Holtec’s proposed consolidated interim storage facility in New Mexico, with a capacity for up to 173,600 metric tons of irradiated nuclear fuel and Greater-Than-Class-C waste:

9:30 am, Tuesday, March 5; Oral argument, ordered and scheduled by the US Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit; Prettyman Courthouse, Courtroom 31; Case number 20-1187; Judges Rao, Walker, and Garcia.

See the court’s Feb. 22, 2024 Order, laying out the time allotted for each party, and the order in which they will speak.

Live Streaming: The March 5 oral arguments’ audio will be streamed live from the Court’s website. You can access the online audio streaming from the Court’s homepage (scroll down, left side button: “Daily Calendar with Live Audio”) or via YouTube. Additional info. about the Court’s audio streaming is available here.

Beyond Nuclear’s legal counsel are Diane Curran of Washington, D.C., as well Mindy Goldstein and Katie Bauman of Atlanta, GA.

A special thank you to Beyond Nuclear’s legal standing declarants, our members and supporters in New Mexico, who have granted us the honor and privilege of representing them.

Our allies Don’t Waste Michigan, et al. (a six-group national grassroots environmental coalition, represented by Toledo, Ohio attorney Terry Lodge), Sierra Club (represented by Cedar Rapids, Iowa attorney Wally Taylor), and Fasken Land and Minerals, Ltd./Permian Basin Land and Royalty Owners, will also make oral argument against NRC’s license approval that day.


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