Beyond Nuclear & Don’t Waste Michigan to NRC: Request for investigation into misuse of Decommissioning Trust Fund at Palisades Nuclear Plant

Email to NRC OIG (Office of Inspector General) and OI (Office of Investigations):
Dear Directors Feitel and Ashley:
Attached is a letter of complaint, along with Exhibits A and B, alleging major misuse of the Palisades Nuclear Generating Station Decommissioning Trust Fund (“PDTF”).
My clients, Beyond Nuclear and Don’t Waste Michigan, request an investigation into possible NRC Staff complicity and dereliction, and into Holtec International, LLC and its subsidiaries, for possible misappropriation of PDTF funds to maintain in its current state, and to not decommission and dismantle, the defueled and closed Palisades plant in Michigan. At the same time, Holtec is aggressively petitioning the U.S. Department of Energy and the Michigan state government for billions in taxpayer support for reopening of the plant.
Kindly acknowledge receipt of the three attachments. Thank you.
Terry J. Lodge, Esq.
Toledo, OH
2. Holtec Letter to NRC (Dated 3/13/23);

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