Attack on Zaporizhzhia was far closer to disaster

Zaporizhzhia nuclear

A video analysis of unfolding events at the Zaporizhzhia reactors in Ukraine show disaster was much closer than had been originally reported. NPR reviewed over four hours of video footage along with photographs, which revealed Russian troops repeatedly fired heavy weapons in the direction of the massive reactor buildings,  shredding the administrative building. A shell landed 250 feet from the Unit 2 reactor building.

Russian troops also held back Ukrainian firefighters as the troops haphazardly fired rocket-propelled grenades at the main administrative building.

In IAEA’s initial report, they only focused on the attack on, and damage to, the training building, while claiming the safety systems for reactors were not affected “at all.” The security footage, instead “… supports claims by Ukraine’s nuclear regulator of damage at three other locations: the Unit 1 reactor building, the transformer at the Unit 6 reactor and the spent fuel pad, which is used to store nuclear waste.”  The two high voltage lines that were hit during a two hour firefight were essential for safe plant operation according to Ed Lyman, Union of Concerned Scientists, who was interviewed by NPR.

NPR quotes Lyman, , “It’s completely insane to subject a nuclear plant to this kind of an assault.”

Russian troops are now advancing toward the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Station.

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