Another Zaporizhzhia near miss?

Zaporizhzhia copy

Unverified reports are coming in that a Russian missile that struck a factory in the southeastern Ukraine city of Zaporizhzhia could be one of two cruise missiles observed flying low over the six reactor nuclear power plant there, causing more alarm about another possible attack.

The BBC, which said it could not verify the accuracy of the story, said that Energoatom, Ukraine’s state nuclear company, “reported seeing two cruise missiles flying at low altitude over its Zaporizhzhia plant.”

Energoatom put out a statement, also marking the 36th commemoration of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster, saying “In the 36 years since the Chornobyl tragedy, Russia has exposed the whole world to the danger of a repeat of the nuclear catastrophe.”

Energoatom reported on its Facebook page that the South Ukraine plant also came at risk of at least an accidental missile attack earlier this month, saying: “The cruise missiles that flew in critical proximity over the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant in mid-April are a wake-up call not only for Ukraine but also for Europe and the world.”

Energoatom’s CEO, Petro Kotin, said: “We reiterate our appeal to the IAEA to take all possible measures to stop Russia’s nuclear terrorism, withdraw its military formations from the ZNPP territory and establish demilitarized zones around Ukrainian nuclear power plants”.

In particular, Ukraine wants to see the UN General Assembly order Russia to immediately stop shelling the territory of Ukraine with cruise and operational-tactical missiles because of the “catastrophic consequences for all mankind” should a nuclear plant get hit.

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