A challenge to President Biden

Libbe and Helen

On this week’s Nuclear Hotseat, Libbe HaLevy continues her interview with anti-nuclear icon and legend, Dr. Helen Caldicott. Caldicott issues a challenge to President Joe Biden, to sit down and really talk about what nuclear weapons mean and on the reality of what nuclear war would do to people, the environment, and the future. And she’d like to have that conversation with Vice President Kamala Harris, too.

Dr. Helen Caldicott is an Australian physician, author, and for six decades has been one of the world’s most important anti-nuclear advocates. She revived or founded several associations, including Physicians for Social Responsibility and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. Caldicott is dedicated to opposing the use of nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons proliferation, and military action in general. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel-winner Linus Pauling, she is at the root of much of the anti-nuclear work being done today.

And in Linda Pentz Gunter of Beyond Nuclear’s Hot Story, a weekly feature of Nuclear Hotseat, she discusses the important reprieve for the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, given two more years of life. This allows time for activists to achieve the necessary expansion of coverage, including to the shockingly omitted first victims of US atomic testing, the New Mexico downwinders of the Trinity test.

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