An update on baby teeth and radiation

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This week on Nuclear Hotseat: Writes podcast host, Libbe HaLevy: “Strontium 90 in baby teeth helped convince U.S. President Kennedy and Russian Premiere  Khrushchev to sign the limited test ban treaty in 1963, which prohibited nuclear weapons tests or other nuclear explosions under water, in the atmosphere, or in outer space.

“Joseph Mangano is a health researcher who has served Radiation and Public Health Project since 1989.  He is author or co-author of 33 medical journal articles on radiation health, and is the author of the books Low Level Radiation and Immune System Damage: An Atomic Era Legacy (1998) and Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link (2008).  Now, he’s involved with putting together a landmark examination of the impact of reactor radiation releases on children — a study  made possible by an amazing discovery of a hidden epidemiological treasure.” He spoke with Libbe on November 21, 2022.

In a rare victory, the US Department of Energy turned down Holtec’s request for funding to reopen the dangerous Palisades reactor. Now, says Beyond Nuclear’s Linda Pentz Gunter on this week’s Hot Story, the reactor should be thoroughly “autopsied” before any more license extensions are issued to other operating US nuclear power plants. (Headline photo, Nizil Shah/Wikimedia Commons)



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