2016 report by Bob Alvarez, addressing cost impacts of pre-disposal for large — and potentially even larger — inventory of spent nuclear fuel at Diablo Canyon nuclear station


From an email sent by Bob Alvarez on July 7, 2022:

Dear All–

[Below] is a report I wrote for FOE in 2016 addressing the cost impacts of pre-disposal for the large and potentially even larger inventory of spent nuclear fuel at the Diablo Canyon nuclear station.

According to the study’s summary:

“Spent nuclear fuel M&O costs associated with the decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) of the DCPP are collected in an escrow fund borne by the consumer of electricity. Currently, PG&E estimates that the total D&D cost for both reactors is $2.5 billion, with $477.5 million (19%) going for the management of spent nuclear fuel (SNF). PG&E’s estimate contains elements of speculation that exclude additional costs associated with waste repackaging, decay storage of high burnup spent nuclear fuel, and later official opening dates for a geological disposal repository.

When these are factored in, predisposal costs for spent nuclear fuel increase by $704 million to $1 billion.  These costs exceed PG&E’s total estimated spent fuel management expense by as much as 200 percent. Since the contract with the U.S. Energy Department for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel from the Diablo Canyon Power Plant does not cover these added expenses, this would result in a significant shortfall in the D&D fund for the Diablo Canyon Power Plant, which creates a significant additional financial burden for PG&E’s rate-payers.”


Bob Alvarez

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